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Try A Spectacular Alaskan Adventure Cruise

If you have been looking for an adventure that’s out of the ordinary, try an Alaskan cruise. Alaskan cruises are more than just a trip through spectacular scenery; they’re a doorway into some exciting and unusual adventures. Alaskan cruises provide a huge variety of adventure trips for the perfect dream vacation. These adventures will take you into the icy region at the heart of floating icebergs where you can hear the humpback whales’ feeding call.


Alaskan water adventures might take you with the experienced captain and crew of the M.V. Sikumi into secluded areas that are impossible for larger ships. You might enjoy an adventure using sea kayaks to explore the wild Alaskan coastlines. Many smaller cruise yachts or ships bundle the kayaking tours with camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.

An amazing adventure trip in Alaskan waters is one that includes whale watching. You will be able to get very near orcas and humpback whales in southeastern Alaskan waters since the nutrient-rich waters are calm and beautiful as well. Whale sightings are more common here because the humpback whales gather to feed on immense schools of krill and herring. While watching dozens of these mammoth creatures feeding, be sure to listen for the distinctive singing of the whales.

Other adventures trips in Alaskan territory might include guided visits to the virgin forests that grow thickly in the mountainous areas. Alaska contains fifteen parks, monuments and preserves for you to visit, photograph, hike and camp. Especially if you enjoy nature or wildlife photography, you will never run out of things to shoot. Some adventure tours even provide professional photographers whose specialty is wildlife photography. Imagine getting tips from the pros on how to photograph the scenery or the sea lions, bears, orca, Dall’s porpoises, whales, eagles, or other creatures.

Several cruise ships offer side trips to Alaska’s many glacier fields. You may not have time to look at more than a few, but a glimpse of one of the massive ice fields will be an awe-inspiring experience. You can also combine your cruise in Alaskan waters with a trip to look at salmon streams, beachcombing, clam digging, hiking and exploring on one of Alaska’s many mountains, or studying cultural history and anthropology in one of the historic sites.

No matter which combination of adventures you choose, you can make your Alaskan vacation an adventure that is absolutely unique. Your adventure cruise in Alaska will be a vacation to remember for a lifetime. Your travel agent will be able to connect you with an adventure cruise provider or you can search for one online by doing a simple search. Using the internet is a great way to compare cruise features and prices.


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