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What Should You Pack For Your Alaskan Cruise?

Alaska has become an increasingly popular destination for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the natural activities which are so prevalent in this beautiful country. It has even become an important honeymoon destination for those who want something out of the ordinary.


You can start with a luxurious cruise, with dancing and drinking, playing in the on-board casino and watching movies and live shows, watching wildlife, scenic mountains, glaciers and other historical attractions such as Gold Rush days, the White Pass Railroad. Or, maybe you’d prefer to climb a mountain or two, hike in one of the beautiful parks

Since the best time to go is during the period from May to September for economic reasons, you may find things are less crowded as well.

Part of your pre-planning is deciding what type of clothing to take with you. If traveling during the summer months, you will be going through quite a wide variation in temperatures and climates. If you throw in a side trip to hike, camp, fish or climb, there is even more variation in clothing needed. To avoid spoiling your vacation because of being too cold all the time, you can plan ahead and pack appropriately. You’ll want some dressy clothing to wear for dinner an dancing on board ship, but when you’re doing some of the more adventurous activities you should bring clothing that will allow you to:

Dress in Layers

If you have several lightweight layers of clothing on, you will not only trap air between the layers, but can add or remove layers along with changes in temperatures.

Go for Sportswear

Comfortable lightweight clothing and your best hiking or climbing shoes are best for the rough ground you may be exploring.

Sweats and Pantsuits

Although jeans are comfortable to wear and quite sturdy, if denim gets wet it can take forever to dry and you may not have the option to change into dry clothes immediately. A better choice is pant suits or jogging suits. Also be sure to pack windbreakers, raincoats and jackets.

Protective Accessories

Protective accessories should be considered a vital part of your suitcase contents. Bring a sun visor to protect your eyes, sunglasses, a lightweight hat or cap that is water resistant and a folding type umbrella are good choices. A pair of light gloves is also good to keep your hands warm and protected from wind and water as well. One other vital accessory is a good sun block cream to protect your skin from sun’s rays.

Think ahead and plan your activities beforehand so you will be prepared with the proper clothing and supplies. Of course, you will be able to purchase anything you might have forgotten aboard the cruise ship or when you dock in a local port.


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