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Tips For Choosing Your Alaskan Cruise Package

Few places in the world today have no airport, and in most cases itís easy to get a reservation and get on the plane. You can be to almost any destination in the world within a few hours. However, if you want to enjoy the time that you spend getting to your vacation destination, why not try a cruise line instead. When you go on a cruise ship, your travel starts when you leave the dock, not when you arrive at your destination. In fact, with an Alaskan cruise package, your travel time IS your destination.


Given all the activities included in an Alaskan cruise package, you may wonder how you can fit it all in without emptying your pocketbook. But, if you plan carefully, you may find that not only can you see some sights you wouldnít see in the Bahamas, but you can do it at an affordable price as well. There is no question that a vacation can be expensive, but with the help of some good travel tips, you may find your Alaska cruise will provide wonderful activities at an affordable price.

You can either do the research yourself, or contact a travel agent. Sometimes an agent can find a better deal for you than you would be able to locate on your own. You can start by making a list of all the cruise lines which offer service to Alaskan ports. This is a fairly lengthy list now, so allow yourself time to check out rates and packages.

Book your cruise during off peak seasons to save money.

The first factor to check out is the time of year. You will want to pick a time when the fewest people are going, because often the cruise lines will offer discount tickets during off-peak times.

Book your cruise early.

You will definitely want to book your cruise well in advance of the time you plan to travel. Rooms often fill up fast and prices can change unexpectedly for many reasons.

Choose the size of ship you would like to cruise with. Some ships will carry up to 2000 passengers and crew, while others will carry less than 150. The prices will depend to some extent on how large the ship is. The type of cabin which you select will also make a difference in the price. If youíre on a large ship with lots of activities, you probably wonít spend much time in your cabin, so you may not care if there isnít much of a view from your window.

Itís a good plan to choose a package that includes insurance for you during your trip, just in case something unforeseen happens.


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