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Make Your Alaskan Cruise Honeymoon A Once In A Lifetime Adventure

If youíre looking for a really different kind of honeymoon adventure you should check the possibilities for an Alaskan cruise for your special time together. There are many activities which can be included in a basic vacation cruise so you can pick and choose those which most appeal to your sense of adventure.


When is the best time to take an Alaskan cruise?

Any time between May and September is a good time for Alaskan adventures. If you pick a time when most people arenít vacationing, you may get a better rate. From mid-June through August the wildflowers are in bloom. June and July are the best months for long days and warm weather. No matter when you decide to travel, the travel agent can help you find interesting and exciting things to add to your honeymoon cruise.

Which cruise line is best?

There are cruise ships of all types that sail in Alaskan waters. Larger ships include Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises. Smaller ships will be able to go into areas where the larger cruise ships are unable to visit, so you may prefer to choose this type of Alaskan honeymoon cruise. There are even ships where you can go into some of the smaller villages as a side trip. These are usually more casual tours. Be sure to ask about discounts on your trips before committing.

How long does an Alaskan cruise last?

The length of the trip will depend on you and on your pocketbook. You can choose a short trip of a week or so, or you can enjoy your honeymoon for a month. Some cruise lines will allow you to extend your trip for a fee, but be sure to ask about this option before you go. If you decide you want to add a side trip to the basic cruise you will then be able to do that, but of course it will cost more.

You can also choose the option of a land cruise tour. If you want to visit Denali National Park or climb Mt McKinley, you can add that either to the beginning or end of your cruise line tour. These side trips can last from 3 days to 16 days extra and provide the opportunity to see the beautiful parts of Alaska where the ships are unable to go.

An Alaskan cruise makes the perfect honeymoon getaway destination since the experience is sure to be one that will be remembered for a lifetime. Start planning your honeymoon early so you will have a good choice of ships and side trips. You can use the internet to help you compare the features of the various cruise offerings and their prices so you can get the best value for your money and plan the trip of a lifetime.


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