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Alaska Bound Cruise Line Reviews

Several shipping companies schedule Alaskan cruise vacations. Each of these larger ships carries a thousand or more people and contains the best of service and amenities for their passengers.

Royal Caribbean Alaskan Cruise


For example, the Royal Caribbean Line with its vessel Radiance is deployed in the Pacific Ocean. The Radiance will provide guests with excellent service, superb food and additional facilities such as a casino, bar and disco. The Radiance stops at ports in Canada and Alaska such as Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier, and Ketchikan. The disadvantage to this ship is its size. It carries 2500 passengers.

Princess Cruise Lines

Second choice is the large ships of the Princess Cruise Lines. The amenities and the size of the Princess is equal to that of the Royal Caribbean. A travel agency will usually recommend one of these ships if you want a romantic weeklong cruise.

Carnival and Celebrity Alaskan Cruises

Both the Carnival and the Celebrity are worth checking as well. These two ships are somewhat less expensive and the rooms come with a balcony or veranda in order to better be able to watch the icebergs which the ship will pass through.

American Safari and Cruise West Alaskan Cruises

Smaller ships which carry few passengers are the American Safari and Cruise West. The service is still great. Only the most experienced crews are allowed to navigate the ship through Alaskan waters. These travel lines have over ten years of experience now.

On-board entertainment on each of the ships includes a theater, movie halls, casino, disco, bar and gym. Most all ships have activities for young people as well as those who are less active. Some even provide for handicapped accessibility. Special menu arrangements or dietary restrictions are provided in the dining choices.

Passengers should book far in advance for these Alaskan cruises in order to be assured of space. Sometimes there are promotional events which will allow you to get a discount on regular prices. A group rate is also available for those traveling in a party of ten or more people.

The originating port for the cruise liners bound for Alaskan waters is either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Those passengers coming from out of state will need to arrange for transportation to LA or San Francisco, plus arrangements to travel from the airport to the pier.

From May until September is the best time of year to enjoy an Alaskan cruise. This is when the ships are most crowded, but the weather is ideal for those who are seeing Alaska for the first time. You can often find all inclusive package deals for your Alaskan cruise if you shop around, particularly on the internet.


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